How To Study And Teach The Bible Conference

October 14-15, 2022, San Antonio, Texas

How To Study And Teach The Bible Conference

Join Verse By Verse Ministry International on October 14-15, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas for the 2022 VBVMI Bible Conference. You will learn the spiritual disciplines necessary to help you study the Bible verse-by-verse and gain a toolbox of creative strategies for teaching the Bible in various settings.  

Space is limited and registraiton is required.

Have you ever wondered how to pick up your Bible and begin an in-depth study all on your own? Are you confused on how to read a verse in its original historical and theological context? Maybe you want to learn new strategies to diving deeper into God's Word. Maybe you're wondering how to take what you've learned and teach it to others. 

The 2022 VBVMI Bible Conference will feature multiple main sessions and breakout sessions with a dynamic group of speakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose breakout session options.

The rewards of studying the Bible for yourself are far greater than any to be found in only listening to the teaching of others.

Stephen Armstrong


Friday, October 14

3:00 - 4:30 PM – Meet and Greet Reception
You are invited to a special reception before the Conference to learn more about VBVMI worldwide projects, meet the VBVMI ministry team and conference speakers. 

6:00 PM – Onsite Check-In Opens
6:30 PM – Main Session #1
8:00 PM – Adjourn

Saturday, October 15

8:30 AM  Light Breakfast and Worship with Sparrow Songs
9:10 AM – Main Session #2 - Houston Heflin, Ed.D
10:00 AM – Breakout Session A
11:00 AM – Breakout Session B
12:00 PM – Lunch Break (Offsite)
2:00 PM – Breakout Session C
3:15 PM – Main Session #3
4:00 PM – Panel Discussion/Q&A with Speakers
4:45 PM – Adjourn


Creative Teaching Strategies of Jesus and Creative Strategies for Today

We often think of Jesus as a preacher who told parables, and he was. In addition, he taught his disciples and the crowds with many more teaching methods to help them learn. Focusing on the book of Matthew, this session highlights the creative ways Jesus taught and the creative strategies we can use today.

Asking Better Questions

Asking questions was one of the most common strategies Jesus used to help his listeners learn. And the difficulty of the question matched the readiness of the listener to handle the question. This session will consider Jesus’ use of questions and how we can ask better questions today.

Spiritual Disciplines to Help Us Learn the Bible

There are many spiritual disciplines that help us know God’s Word. These can be used by individuals or classes and small groups. This session will focus on strategies that include: memorization, journaling, reading scripture, blessing others, praying for others, and praying for our own learning.

Transformational Gospel Teaching: “Live What You Preach"

Within many churches today, the claim is that bible teaching is happening across the pulpit, however there is not much translation to Gospel living. Could it be that today’s teaching within the average evangelical church is more self-centered than Christ-centered within a growing secular society? We will see through the example of a scribe named Ezra, how God through Ezra, restored His people following a period of judgement by way of example through the study of the law, diligently practicing it, and properly teaching it to Israel.

Preaching Lab: How to prepare to teach the text

It is one thing to study the bible for your personal growth in the grace of God, but it is another thing to publicly proclaim the excellency of the truth of the Gospel. So how do you do it? Within this Preaching Lab, we will discover what Paul meant in Romans 10:14 regarding how people come to hear the truth of the Gospel. We will review a typical sermonic outline that contains key elements in the art of teaching and preaching Biblical truth to both believers and unbelievers. This will be a session to equip you with the tools for your homiletical tool belt as you prepare to teach and preach the honorable year of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

A Lost Generation: How to Effectively Teach Children the Bible

It’s often thought that the mind of a child can’t understand Biblical doctrines within the scriptures or the character of God. However, God’s Word tells us something contrary to this world view (Prov. 22:6). In this session, we will show you how to teach systematic theology to the spiritually young, while also tackling common mistakes we fall prey to as we are called to disciple the next generation (Ps. 78:4).

Study to Teach the Scriptures

All believers are given the privilege to study their Bible. Most believers understand the need to read the scriptures so we can know what God desires for us and from us. One of the reasons we are to study our Bible is so we can teach others what we have learned though our study of the Bible, this is discipleship. Do we truly understand the reason we are to study our Bible and that it is the responsibility of each believer to be prepared to ‘teach’ the Bible? This class will provide the biblical perspective each believer is to have when they approach their own study of the Bible. A general overview of the areas a believer should be equipped in understanding their study time and a brief review of the ways to begin this process will be highlighted. 

Separating opinion from revelation using contextual guardrails.

Know the difference between Exegesis and Eisegesis of the scriptures. We will review examples of both and the strengths and weaknesses associated with each method of presentation of the the scriptures. We will spend time in a specific section of the scriptures and practice an exegetical approach to the observation and then the interpretation of these verses. Practical experience is the best way to learn how to do anything. 

Es imposible gobernar una nación sin Dios y una biblia.

Hebreos 4:12
Porque la palabra de Dios es viva y eficaz. Más nítido que cualquier doble-
espada afilada, penetra hasta dividir alma y espíritu, coyunturas
y tuétano; juzga los pensamientos y las actitudes del corazón.

Leer la biblia es de suma importancia si queremos saber
más sobre Dios. La palabra de Dios nos revela la inmensidad de
El amor de Dios por toda la humanidad. La Biblia también da un claro testimonio de
Jesús y su obra en la cruz. Es a través de Él que encontramos
comienza el Camino al Padre ya la vida.

Exposición Bíblica (Biblical Expositional Skills)

Exposición Bíblica
La nueva forma de servir la iglesia y al Señor con la fuerza más poderosa del mundo. La Palabra escrita. 

Biblical Expositional Skills
The new way serve the church and the Lord with the most powerful strength of the world. 

La importancia de la Palabra escrita en estos días

La importancia de la Palabra escrita en estos días.
5 pasos para compartir la Palabra de forma personal, grupos pequeños y en la prédica.

The importance of the word in our age. 
5 steps to share the word, one to one, preach and small groups. 


Ticket prices are $25/person with a max of $50/immediate family.
If you have more than two people in your family registering for the conference, please choose the Family Pass and include a list of the people attending with you so we can ensure they receive their packet of materials at registration.

The ticket price will help cover the cost of conference expenses.

Lunch on Saturday will be on your own from 12pm-2pm. We will have several meeting rooms reserved at various restaurants nearby. Seating is limited for these reserved rooms and will be based on a first come, first served basis at the conference registration table when you arrive. There are also plenty of quick eat restaurants and sit down restaurants nearby to accommodate our conference attendees.

The main sessions of the 2022 Bible Conference will be Livestreamed on our website. All breakout sessions will be made available online following the conclusion of the conference. We will not livestream or record the Panel Q&A Discussion. You do not need to register for the Livestream. 

Childcare will not be provided. Please make plans accordingly. 

Location & Getting There

Conference location

Journey Fellowship
16847 1-35
Selma, TX 78154

Local airports

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) - 13 miles
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) - 71 miles

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