I have been a Christian for 32 years and have never felt as blessed by God's word as I do now. Thank you...please continue your work!


After downloading the first part of the revelation study your teaching had me hook, line and sinker. Being raised in church I have attend and listened to many pastors or teachers explain revelation leaving me more confused than before I started. Your ministry's breaking down verse-by-verse makes understanding and applying the bible to my life fruitful. Good reason you’re called Verse By Verse Ministry! Thank you, keep up the good work.


We appreciate how Steve teaches scripture by using other scripture. We also appreciate your Biblical beliefs and the goal of the ministry. In these days, finding a ministry like this is exciting and refreshing.


I have a long daily commute on a ferry and I have been using that time to listen to your studies... the depth of your teaching and insight is extraordinary.


I have been in "church" for over sixty years and never realized Genesis was not fanciful tales told around the campfire as I was told. May God bless you for allowing me to access true teaching at last.


Anyone who can make the book of Genesis interesting is outstanding. I don't miss a night listening to Stephen. You folks are outstanding.