There are no words to describe the blessings I have received from this ministry. Thank you just would not be enough, at every given chance I share what I have learned through the studies of this ministry. I encourage everyone to download the app, listen to and register for all the webinars, share with all your family and friends, your church members, and your community. Our beloved Pastor Stephen Armstrong and now Wesley Livingston will enrich your knowledge of Bible scripture and love for Jesus Christ. Thank you VBVMI for your obedience to our Father. May God continue to bless this ministry.


Aloha from Hawaii. My wife and I are blown away by what the Lord is doing through you and your ministry! We are so blessed to have found this great resource with deep bible teaching. We love that you go verse by verse through the Bible. Many churches here in Hawaii do not teach, they only preach. Although I am not qualified to teach the Bible, I use Verse By Verse to facilitate a good Bible Study class, that otherwise wouldn't exist without me doing so. Your ministry is blessing so many people by your good teaching. We see many hearts being stirred up, and students now want more Jesus. I pray and hope that every church organization would have line by line, deep Bible teaching for their congregation. Verse By Verse Ministry makes this not only possible, but easy to implement because we don't have to do the tough teaching. I have grown even more than the students, and I now have a desire to teach the Word that I didn't have before I started. May God bless you, your family and your ministry.

R.H.and C.

God saved my eternal life through your Ministry’s teaching. Thank you.


Stephen Armstrong was both an inspiration and a needed resource at that time! Our family went through some hard times as our church closed after twenty years and we had no pastor. I had the desire to not only grow in God’s Word but also to teach these great truths to others. I had no formal seminary training, but I found “verse by verse ministry” one day and begin listening to Stephen preach and teach the word of God. As I listened, I was so excited to find someone who would expound on the Scriptures with such depth but yet made the verses simple to understand. I was going through the book of Luke at that time. I was working a full-time job and I would get up at early hours of the morning to study God’s word and listen to Stephen’s messages. My notebook quickly filled up with points and promises that I wanted to communicate to others. Often times I would find myself pulling up the app on my phone in a random parking lot so I could begin another lesson. I am so thankful for the ministry and the resources made available by VBVMI. In the past year, I have accepted a pastor position in Minnesota and by God’s grace He is using me to teach the Word of God to others. I have been convinced that communicating the Scriptures verse by verse will both edify the saints and will also help those to evangelize the lost. To God be the glory!


Just a quick comment to offer gratitude for the teachings available through VBVMI. My husband discovered Pastor Armstrong something like five years ago and we've learned so much by this style of teaching that we sought a church in our area with a similar style. We've learned so much through VBVMI specifically and wanted to take a moment to simply say "THANK YOU!" May God continue to bless this ministry and may whomever listens feel lifted and encouraged to continue in their studies and seek God more every day!


It was hard to listen as an online member to your studies after so many hours of Pastor Steve. Let me tell you I’m into Mark 2/3 and you are a wonderful teacher. We are blessed to have you. Your style is different, but wonderful and emotional and powerful. Thank you!


We have 55 women signed up for the Revelation study. Each video has been informative and well received. We are learning a lot. I have studied Revelation myself, and I am learning new verses and the connections and meanings. We stay in our large group and discuss the video after watching it. Thank you for providing this very informative study. As with all teachings of Revelation, we don't all agree on the details of each verse. However, we are still learning. One of my goals in choosing this study was to encourage our women to read Revelation and study it for themselves That goal has been accomplished.


Thank you for taking time for Q & A. I am currently studying Isaiah and also following you weekly in Mark. Praying for all the staff of Verse by Verse International and the people blessed by your ministry as you obediently do God’s will to His glory!


Just before Covid hit I was looking around at the condition of the world and thought to myself ‘I think I have heard about these things that are happening around us before’. I went searching for something or someone to help me understand Revelation and by Gods grace I found Stevens podcast on Revelation and began listening. Thankfully within a couple of episodes, I found the website. 

Like Stephen, I grew up in the Catholic Church, but left it some 10 years ago because even though I was not a biblical scholar I recognized they were not following scripture. When I got to Stephens talk about Laodicea, I was convicted in my heart as well as in my stomach. I knew that the Holy Spirit was smacking me like my parents did when I was young and I needed it. I realized if I did not do something that I would be the one vomited out of Christ's mouth. 

I have shared your ministry with several people and I know some are using it if not daily then at least weekly. One couple is using it for their morning bible study together. 

As I close this letter I know you will smile (if not well up a bit as I am now) with how I sign letters to my brothers and sisters… with eyes for eternity.