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Why Bethlehem?

What made the location and topography of Bethlehem so vital to the nativity story? Listen to Pastor Stephen Armstrong's Christmas 2020 sermon on the importance of the birthplace of our Savior Jesus.  

Good Shepherd

While the world looks down on shepherds, the Bible upholds shepherding as honorable and important work worthy of God Himself. In fact shephereds were used to announce His birth. In this 2019 Christmas Eve teaching, Pastor Stephen Armstrong explores how  Jesus appropriated the qualities of shepherding to represent the love and care that God showed for His people in sending the Messiah – the Good Shepherd.


We often look at discipleship as a pathway to a particular point in our lives when we obtain spiritual maturity. Worse, we neglect it all together and forge ahead alone. We see the example Jesus set about what discipleship should look like. It is a life-long process of learning from both God's Word and each other. Discipleship is embracing the spiritual transformation that comes through the fellowship and partnership with His people. During this webinar, Pastor Wesley Livingston examines the Biblical example of discipleship and how we are to apply this in our spiritual journey as we live with eyes for eternity.

Joy in Suffering

One of the most common questions throughout the centuries is about suffering. “Why does suffering exist if God is good?” This question has plagued non-believers for some time and is a question that many believers have difficulty reconciling. It is human nature to avoid suffering and seek comfort. But, suffering in this life is unavoidable, and as Christians, we should embrace it.  Pastor Wesley Livingston examines James 1:1-4... Why believers in Christ suffer and what it means to consider suffering as "pure joy".

Why People are Leaving the Global Church

True genuine faith stands the test of the times. As the pandemic continues to weaken, we are seeing a drastic decrease in Church attendance worldwide.  As the culture around us continues to change, the global Church must face the growing question: Where are the Millennials going? How will the global Church respond amidst the decline in Church attendance and increase in secularism. We must do, historically, what the Church has always done – remain faithful to preaching and teaching the Gospel.

Mark 6A- A Prophet without Honor

Taught by Wesley Livingston Wednesdays Beginning January 12 at 7:00 p.m. CST

Making Deals With God

ABOUT THE BOOK In a chaotic world filled with upheaval, disappointment and struggles, the opportunity for our best life now is irresistible. Self-help books have become tremendously popular, and they transform obscure pastors and motivational speakers into world-renown life coaches and purveyors of optimism and blessing… but the effect of these books is very different from their promises. In Making Deals with God, we’ll expose the lies of transactional theology and explore God’s sovereignty.

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Explain dispensational theology

Dispensationalism is a word used to describe a particular position that is found within the bible. Although the bible does not subscribe to this term necessarily, we can use it to help us understand the overarching pictures in Scripture.

Why do Christians suffer more?

We know from Jesus’ and Paul’s writings that believers will suffer trials and persecutions just as Jesus did. We also know God is always working for our good and for His glory. Accordingly, we may rest firmly on Romans 8:28 that all things are…

Salvation without conviction?

We must first gain a stronger understanding of salvation and the three tenses in which scripture speaks to salvation in its entirety. We can best describe salvation in the expression of three tenses, (Past tense, Present tense, and Future Tense).

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