Offline Ministry Program

Offline Ministry Program

Verse By Verse Ministry International has been a leader in digital discipleship for nearly 20 years. Our in-depth Bible study resources are easily accessible and free to use for those with access to internet or cell phone services. We value offering quality resources on our website and mobile apps.

However, there is a need among large groups of people who are also hungry to study God’s Word but cannot access VBVMI materials due to being incarcerated, deployed with the military or in-patient rehabilitation centers. We have heard their requests and want to help provide Bible studies in ways they can access. 


Verse By Verse Ministry International is launching its Offline Ministry Program focused on reaching targeted groups of people with hard copies of its Bible teaching including the Creation and End Times Group Study Curriculums and Making Deals with God. 

With your help, Verse By Verse Ministry International will work with prison ministers, rehabilitation teachers and mentors, and military personnel who request materials for their Bible study group. 

Because of prison safety protocols, it is difficult for many inmates to use online resources. Typically, they are not allowed access to the internet, social media or email. In conversations with prison ministry leaders and pastors, we recognize a need for these inmates to have access to in-depth, verse-by-verse Bible studies in an offline format. 

Verse By Verse Ministry International will vet all requests for materials and send hard copies of the materials along with a DVD of the Group Studies at no charge to these students and teachers. 

We hope you will join us in this much-needed area of ministry as we strive to fulfill VBVMI’s mission of reaching the world with God’s word. For more information, email us at [email protected]


Your financial support helps! 

  • $100 provides Making Deals with God to a group of 20 military soldiers 
  • $120 provides Group Study workbooks and a DVD to a group of 10 inmates with each person receiving their own workbook to keep
  • $150 supports a group study for 15 people in a rehabilitation facility