Volunteer with VBVMI

Volunteer with VBVMI

Thank you for your interst in volunteering with Verse By Verse Ministry International.

We appreciate your desire to partner with us in fulfilling our mission of providing free, in-depth Bible teaching to people worldwide.

Bleow are some great ways to get involved with VBVMI.


Share VBVMI Bible Study Resources
One of the most important ways you can help VBVMI fulfill its mission is by sharing the Bible teachings and resources with your friends, family and community. Lead a small group in your home; use VBVMI Bible studies in your church Bible class; use your social media channels to share more about VBVMI with your contacts.

Translation Project
Verse By Verse Ministry International's mission is to provide free, in-depth Bible teaching to people worldwide. Since millions of people do not speak English, VBVMI made it a goal to translate its Bible studies so people can study God's Word in their first language. If you are multilingual, we would love to have you join the VBVMI Translation Team. We currently have more than 100 volunteers editing various languages of VBVMI Bible studies. If you are interested in joining our Translation Project team, please email Tony Lee at [email protected].

Editorial Team
Do you have editorial and/or writing experience? You might be interested  in joining Verse By Verse Ministry International's editorial team. This team will review and provide feedback on book projects before they are published. The ministry conducts periodic Zoom focus groups to discuss the projects. For more information about the editorial team, please email Kathryn Bashaw at [email protected]

Offline Ministry Program
Verse By Verse Ministry International’s Bible study resources are easily accessible and free to use for those with access to internet or cell phone services. However, there is a need among large groups of people who are also hungry to study God’s Word but cannot access VBVMI materials due to being incarcerated, deployed with the military or a patient in a rehabilitation center. VBVMI’s Offline Ministry resources are reserved for prisoners, military personnel and rehabilitation patients. VBVMI will provide hard copies and a DVD of our current curriculums to these individuals. If you’d like to join our Offline Ministry Program team, here are a few ways you can help: Reach out to your local prison ministry network through your church or community to communicate about VBVMI’s resources. We are happy to help you with what to say as you start these conversations. Contact a friend or relative who is incarcerated to see if they are interested in receiving a workbook and DVD. If you know local prison officials who might be able to help you get VBVMI’s Bible study materials to inmates, introduce them to VBVMI or pass along the email address below. Request materials for your friend or relative who is in the military. If you are in the military and want to lead a group study, please send a request for free materials. If you have more questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Financial Support
Verse By Verse Ministry International offers all Bible studies free of charge to our students, but this doesn't mean our services are without cost. Every service VBVMI provides incurs an expense, and we depend on your generosity to cover these costs. Every dollar we receive helps us keep our services free to those who depend upon our teaching. If you are interested in supporting Verse By Verse Ministry International, please visit our Donation page. 

Pray for VBVMI
Verse By Verse Ministry International's mission is to provide free, in-depth Bible teaching to people worldwide. Given the state of the world, this mission becomes increasingly difficult. However, nothing is too big for God. We watch daily as God moves VBVMI into places where Bible teaching in scarce and sometimes obsolete. Please commit to praying for the wisdom of VBVMI's leadership, the direction of this ministry and open hearts around the world to receive the truth of God's spoken word!