Translation Project

Translation Project

A goal of Verse by Verse Ministry has been to provide in-depth bible teaching to a global audience. Until now, studies have been available in English only. However, millions of people have never heard the gospel in their first language.

An international team based in Singapore was assembled to collaborate with other listeners around the world with the purpose of translating the current teaching on the website into a wide variety of languages.


As of February 2021, we have lessons being translated into the following languages: Mandarin, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian and Norwegian. We hope to provide Hindi and Tamil soon. This team effort is powered by those with the ability to speak English plus another language, and have a heart to spread sound biblical teaching. We are always looking for more volunteers!

Verse by Verse Ministry is dedicated to reaching people in languages they can understand, so that they too can experience life changing spiritual growth.