Upcoming Events

Current Projects

Verse By Verse Ministry International reachces the world with in-depth Bible teaching  through various projects and initiatives. As always, all of VBVMI's teaching resources are offered at no cost to all Bible students! 

Translation Project

Verse By Verse Ministry International's mission is to provide free, in-depth Bible teaching to people worldwide. Since millions of people do not speak English, VBVMI made it a goal to translate its Bible studies so people can study God's Word in their first language.  An international team based in Singapore and led by Wilianto Wu, VBVMI's director of translations, and Tony Lee, VBVMI's director of Asia, was assembled to collaborate with other listeners around the world with the purpose of translating Verse By Verse Ministry International's current teaching into a wide variety of languages.

Published Materials

Attention all groups! We are excited to offer a way for you to engage in Bible study together. Verse By Verse Ministry International offers a variety of printed materails including our Group Study Curriculums and Making Deals with God.

Volunteer with VBVMI

Thank you for your interst in volunteering with Verse By Verse Ministry International. We appreciate your desire to partner with us in fulfilling our mission of providing free, in-depth Bible teaching to people worldwide. Bleow are some great ways to get involved with VBVMI.

Offline Ministry Program

Verse By Verse Ministry International has been a leader in digital discipleship for nearly 20 years. Our in-depth Bible study resources are easily accessible and free to use for those with access to internet or cell phone services. We value offering quality resources on our website and mobile apps. However, there is a need among large groups of people who are also hungry to study God’s Word but cannot access VBVMI materials due to being incarcerated, deployed with the military or in-patient rehabilitation centers. We have heard their requests and want to help provide Bible studies in ways they can access. 

VBVMI Bible Academy

Are you interested in understanding the Bible in its theological and historical context, while also earning continuing education units (CEU)? Verse By Verse Ministry International is thrilled to announce that we are now a CEU provider for more than 2,200 Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) schools worldwide. We are happy to offer in-depth Bible studies of Matthew and Revelation through Teachable to provide you with your required CEU Bible credits.