Bible Answer

Can God give visions today?

I was previously attending a pentecostal church, when I experienced what felt like the Lord "speaking" to me through a vision. While in prayer with another believer, they shared in detail the thoughts I was seeing in my mind. Since starting to listen to your ministry I have come to rely more on what scripture reveals, but that experience has stayed with me as the vision I was given is something I am constantly praying for. Can you shed any light on this?

We regret we cannot pass judgment on your experience. Certainly, the Lord is capable of granting visions, and He promises such things will happen in the last days (see Joel 2:28), but that verse doesn’t prove that every vision is truly from the Lord. Such things could be the products of our own imagination or even of the enemy. 

Therefore we recommend evaluating any such experience carefully against the teaching of Scripture, seeking confirmation. If you have truly heard from the Lord, we expect Him to grant you confirmation through some appropriate means (i.e., prayer, study, godly counsel, etc.).