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Is abortion ever acceptable?

I've heard many people say that abortion is like murder. But what about in the case of rape or child it ever acceptable?

Any unlawful killing of another person is murder, according to Scripture, and the Bible only allows the killing of a human being under very limited and specific circumstances. A person may be killed by the government for a violation of law (i.e., capital punishment) or in self-defense or in defense of another. Beyond these reasons, any killing would be murder. 

Clearly, a mother killing her own child (whether in the womb or outside the womb) does not fall into any of these allowable categories, and therefore abortion is always murder. There are no set of circumstances in which such a killing is permissible. 

If a woman becomes pregnant involuntarily either through sexual assault or a one-night stand, etc., the situation may be painful and regrettable for the mother, but these situations are no less a reason for a child to live. The Lord is sovereign in all things, therefore we can confidently know the outcome was according to God's good purposes and will, and therefore the woman should move ahead in bearing the child trusting the Lord to use her circumstances to some good end in her life. 

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