Requiem for a Poodle

Our family dog passed away today. Anytime we lose something or someone we love, it hurts. It's a reminder that death has no place in God's eternal plan.

Regular listeners will recognize Ginger from a distance, because she was often the butt of poodle jokes in my teaching. My distain for poodles belied my true affection for Ginger. She was a part of the family for nearly 15 years, and she spent many an evening under my desk as I typed away on a Bible lesson.

As my family and I faced the difficult decision to put Ginger down, we each put up a strong appearance. It was just a dog, right? But death has an impact on a part of us that we can't deny or control. Death is a spiritual issue, not merely a physical one. 



Though the poodle jokes will likely continue in the future, they stand as a memorial to our faithful and loving companion.”