Bible Answer

Should children attend the same Church as their parents?

My dad wants me to go to his church, and no other church. The bible teaches us to obey our parents. Do you suggest I go to His church only?

The Bible commands younger children to obey parents (Ephesians 6:1) and for children of all ages to honor their parents at all times (Exodus 20:12). Nevertheless, obeying parents and honoring parents are different things. 

When a child is living under his or her parent’s authority, then to honor is to obey, but once a child has left the home and is no longer under parental authority, honoring does not necessarily require conforming to a parent's desires. And in all cases, if a parent attempts to compel a child to disobey the Lord’s commands in Scripture, then the child is obligated to obey the Lord over the parent.

So depending on your situation, you may or may not need to obey your father’s instructions regarding attending a specific church. If you are not yet an adult and are still living under your father’s authority, then you are obligated to obey him and attend the church he directs. Obeying your father is your service to Christ. 

On the other hand, if you are an adult living outside your father's authority (and the age and circumstances of independence varies by family), then you are not obligated to obey your father in this matter, though your should continue to honor your father by how you consider his opinion. As you make your decision, weigh his desires carefully, praying over them dutifully, and then make your decision in consideration of your father’s input. 

If in the end you decide to go against your father’s counsel, then honor him all the more by explaining your decision in a loving, patient way hoping he will understand, so that even in disobeying his wishes you may continue to honor him in your disagreement.