Theological Test - Question 2

We posted the questions from a recent Ligonier theological test survey, and now we want to answer the questions to see how our readers answered.  We also show the results Ligonier found in their survey.

The second question was “Faith is not enough; I am saved because of my good works.”  The right answer is that this is false, so Christians should answer “strongly disagree”.

We have an article that explains in detail, from Scripture, why a person is saved by faith alone in Christ alone, and never by one’s works.

So, how did others answer this very important doctrine?  According to Ligonier, the general survey results are as follows:

Strongly Agree:  15%

Somewhat Agree:  15%

Don’t know:  6%

Somewhat Disagree:  15%

Strongly Disagree:  49%

Once again, Ligonier listeners did much better:

Strongly Agree:  2%

Somewhat Agree:  < 1%

Don’t know:  < 1%

Somewhat Disagree:  < 1 %

Strongly Disagree:  96%

Let us know how you did!

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