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What is the book of Jasher?

Joshua 10:13 references the "book of Jasher". I have found some web sites which question its authenticity, and others which say there are timelines in it that confict with scripture. What was the book of Jasher and why do we not hear much about it?

The book of Jashar was a collection of stories about the exploits of Israel’s heroes, including Joshua. The book was not inspired scripture, but the author of Joshua refers to the book in passing because it was known by the readers of his day. 

The mere fact that the Bible may reference things written in other works (e.g., Jude 14, 1 Cor 15:33, etc.) does not lead us to conclude that everything written in those other works automatically becomes scripture or inerrant. All that we can say from Joshua 10:13 is that a book of Jashar existed in that day and that it also recorded the stopping of the sun in Joshua’s day. Apart from this connection that book holds no special meaning or value for Christians.