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Will Christ’s Second Coming be in 2027?

Your ministry dates the crucifixion of Christ to be April 10, 27AD (What date did Jesus die?) Do you believe that the end of this present age will come exactly 2,000 years after the death of Christ on the Cross? If so, that would mean that the end of this present age will be in the year 2027…

Regarding the timing of the return of Christ, the date is unknowable at this point. Only after the Antichrist signs a covenant with Israel may we calculate the date of the Lord's return, since Daniel 9 tells us that the return of Christ will happen exactly seven years after this covenant is enacted. 

Until this covenant is struck, all we know for sure is that the return of Christ is at least seven years plus one day away from today. Therefore, unless the covenant is reached prior to April 10th of this year, then the return of Christ will be longer than 2,000 years from his death. 

Moreover, the Bible also teaches that the Church (the Bride of Christ) must be removed from the earth prior to the start of the seven-year Tribulation, and the timing of the Rapture (as it is commonly called) is completely unknowable. This is the next event that Christians should be focused on, since it is the next event in God's plan for us. 

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