Making Deals With God


Making Deals With God


In a chaotic world filled with upheaval, disappointment and struggles, the opportunity for our best life now is irresistible.

Self-help books have become tremendously popular, and they transform obscure pastors and motivational speakers into world-renown life coaches and purveyors of optimism and blessing… but the effect of these books is very different from their promises.

In Making Deals with God, we’ll expose the lies of transactional theology and explore God’s sovereignty.

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This book is a beautiful gift from the heart of Stephen Armstrong to those who desire to understand our relationship with God and how we can truly have intimate fellowship with Him. Each chapter brings us closer to embracing God as the Creator and sovereign Ruler of the universe, not a God we are created to negotiate with. The immeasurable and unfailing love of God for His children is evident on every page of this work of love.

Annette Armstrong

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