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Revelation Group Study

Get ready to dig into the final book of the Bible with Verse By Verse Ministry International’s all new curriculum of our popular Revelation study. This content is a republication of Stephen Armstrong's 2020 study through the book of Revelation.

Studying Revelation can seem daunting. It is complex, full of unfamiliar imagery and numerous allusions to the rest of the Bible. Interpretations of Revelation in Christian and secular popular culture can further obscure our understanding and lead us to misguided assumptions.

Join us in this study of Revelation as we rely on the common-sense interpretation of the plain sense of Scripture?

This VBVMI Revelation workbook is suitable for individual study and group discussion. The workbook includes: 

  • 87 sessions correlating to the video lessons in the Verse By Verse Ministry International course
  • Listening guides— specific questions based on each video lesson and the scriptural readings
  • Discussion questions for further reflection
  • Digging Deeper sections to extend learning and prepare for the next session
  • Sample graphic organizers for note taking
  • An answer key

All videos are available for viewing on this page. 


Printed workbooks are available for just $30 (USD) per book from Amazon. You can also purchase the Kindle version for 99 cents. 

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