Greg Driver

Board Member

Greg grew up in a divorced home. His mother and father separated when he was 12 years old, and Greg gravitated toward a life of trouble. Before long he was was involved with drugs, theft, and various other bad behaviors. At 15 years old Greg found himself in the custody of the juvenile authorities, and after being in and out of court on several occasions, a judge was ready to commit Greg to a detention facility. The night before the court hearing Greg found himself on the floor begging for God's mercy and grace one more time.

The next day, in a strange turn of events, the judge unexpectedly granted Greg leniency. Within two weeks the Lord had connected Greg with a young lady who would eventually become God’s instrument to bring spiritual change into Greg's life. The young lady invited Greg to church and within one year Greg had given his life to Jesus. 

His conversion was dramatic. He began to receive invitations to give his testimony to youth groups around his local area. So at the age of 18, Greg sensed God’s call to ministry. He married and attained a college degree. While in college Greg began to preach and speak at every available opportunity. After several years of lay preaching, God once again moved in Greg's life to introduce him to verse-by-verse expository teaching. What followed were many years of teaching and preaching the Scriptures. Along the way, Greg came across Pastor Stephen Armstrong’s teaching and instantly recognized Pastor Armstrong was gifted to bring unique clarity to the Bible. 

Greg possesses a burning desire to see God's word elevated into the mainstream of every Christian community, and for that reason, he is honored to be part of Verse By Verse Ministry International.   Greg currently pastors Faith Bible Fellowship in Tullahoma, Tennessee. He serves with his wife of 27 years, Daffney, and two wonderful children, Montana and Carolyna. Greg also owns a construction company with over 100 employees.