Melissa Church


Melissa is a contributing author for VBVM. To tell Melissa’s faith story from the beginning would be entirely impossible, but to say that salvation came through adversity would be a good way to sum it up.

When Melissa’s only child, Wil (with one l) was diagnosed with cancer at age three, she “bargained" with God that she would do anything He asked of her if He would save her son. God graciously met her there, and brought about a series of amazing circumstances which culminated in her salvation a year later. Her years in service to her Lord have been a wild, tumultuous, wonderful ride, including her work with VBVMI.

Because her walk with God began late in life, Melissa understands the frustrations of learning to use the Bible in a practical way. In writing and teaching, her hope is always to demonstrate that God’s word is relevant and usable, and that life-changing truth is available to anyone who seeks it. Writing for VBVMI is her way of being a good steward of her ongoing testimonies of God's work in her life.

Melissa has a BA in University Studies with an English/Journalism emphasis from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she met her husband Chris. She is an avid volunteer at the NW Arkansas Children's Shelter and is also an active small group leader.Currently, Melissa and her husband call Northwest Arkansas home, while her son has begun his studies at the University of Arkansas Little Rock.

She can be reached through the Contact Us page on this site.