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Is the church practice of calling out for healing biblical?

We have recently been attending a new non-denominational church, which seems to have sound teaching. However we have noticed the pastor has a practice of asking if people need healing, and then he advises them to place there hand where it pains them and the power of God will flow through them and the pain will be gone. When he then asks the crowd if anyone was healed, typically several people raise their hand to affirm him. Is this biblical?

Though we do not know your pastor, we are skeptical of his behavior. The tradition of calling out to receive (so called) healing in this way is a classic deception of the enemy and completely unsupported by the Bible or common experience in the church. While we do not deny the ability of the Lord to equip Christians to heal, in practice it is not the norm. Moreover, the particular style of “healing” practiced by your pastor is classically used by false teachers and other con-men who trick audiences into participating in their charade. 

We encourage you to challenge your church authorities to prove these supposed healings or else cease the practice. Should you chose to take this route, you may discover that these healings are, in fact, entirely legitimate. On the other hand, we believe it’s more likely you will discover that your pastor is playing a game with the congregation. If the pastor objects to providing you with proof or if he accuses you of “lacking faith” (he may even demand you leave the church), then it would support the conclusion that he is engaged in a fraud that he doesn’t want uncovered. 

Proceed cautiously and with discernment, and in the meantime please consider the following article:

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