Termite Infestation

~~I looked up from just having snuggled my head down into my pillow and saw a dark spot on the wall opposite me. I told my husband to kill that bug. I only thought it was a bug. I can’t actually see that far. He gave it some inspection (always quick to save from a merciless death sentence any poor creature foolish enough to wander into my home) and declared, “It’s not a bug. I don’t know what it is.” He gave it a swipe with a tissue and we turned off the light.

Next morning, there it is again. Now the geek goggles come out along with the stepladder and eventually a pair of tweezers to pinch the head of… a termite. I am not even kidding. I can’t even tell you... By 10 am the exterminator was in my house.

I’ve been – is meditating too New Age to say – ruminating on my last article and the fact that I believe it’s truth but I still can’t do it effectively. I’m trying. I’m really determined to let God accomplish some things in me, and that’s a biggie. Here’s the thing: most of the time I seem like I’ve got it together on the outside, but there are termites on the inside wreaking havoc.

Termites are easy to ignore because you can’t see them. That is, until they start looking for an escape hatch (Let’s not ruminate on that!), or until they’ve done so much damage that it begins to make little ripples in the flesh of the wood. (OK, ICK!) Truth is, sin is doing the same work in me, and even if no one else can see it, I know it’s in there eating away at all I’ve labored to build into a strong spiritual structure. Eventually, and it probably won’t take much time or pressure, that damage will become evident to even the most casual observer and all I’ve worked to keep under wraps will come pouring out. I can patch and paint my drywall and pretend like those nasty little buggars aren’t behind the cosmetics, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. It only means I’m ignoring them to my own detriment. Same with sin. And that escape hatch they need?? Confession.

I think mutual confession is the terminator of all pests in our spiritual life. If you’ve never tried it, I can heartily recommend it. Once you make confession to a trusted (and that is key!) brother or sister in Christ, it’s like opening up that infested wall and letting all the critters out into the room for stomping. (OK, ICK AGAIN!) And it allows you to begin to repair and rebuild what has been destroyed. Besides, when you confess your termite infestation, and you demonstrate the humility of asking for prayer, help, and accountability, the other person will feel safe to do the same, and voila…dead termites and restored strength times two!

I think that’s clear enough. And it didn’t even cost you $1250. Sigh. Anyone in the market for a nice three-bedroom?