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When and what is the 7th trumpet judgment?

When and what is the 7th trumpet judgment? How does this play into the timeline of mid-tribulation?

The events of the first half of Tribulation are divided into a series of three judgments with an interesting interdependency. The seventh seal judgment is (or contains) the seven trumpet judgments, and the seventh trumpet judgment is (or contains) the seventh bowl judgments.

Several key events occur during "mid-tribulation", between the second and third "woes".  So through the final trumpet is mentioned in chapter 11, this mention is actually looking forward to the events of chapter 16. Therefore, chapters 12-15 are events that take place at mid-tribulation between the 6th and 7th trumpets.

We have attached a graphic from our Revelation study that helps depict this relationship. You can learn more about these events by listening to our Revelation Bible study