The Book of Ruth is classically described as a love story or a story of redemption. Though these descriptions are not wrong, they are incomplete.

The story of Ruth is a story of woman in need of grace and a man who is willing to extend it. It is also a footnote to the story of Judges and the times when Israel did what was right in its own eyes. Finally, the book of Ruth is properly understood to be a book of eschatology – a prophetic picture of God's plan for Israel and the Church. The literal events of the story foreshadow and explain God's redemption of a disobedient Israel and the opportunity for the Gentile world to share in Israel's promises.

This course is an updated, all-new presentation of our earlier study of Ruth. Pastor Armstrong teaches both the redemption storyline and the end times story line side by side through the entire book. Join us for an entirely unique and insightful explanation of this precious book of scripture.

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