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Gospel of Mark - Weekly Teaching

Join us in-person for our weekly teaching with Pastor Livingston.

Titus Group Study

Now Available The Apostle Paul's letter to Titus is grounded in right living produced by a right message - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul commissions Titus to establish faithful elders in Crete to oversee doctrinal purity and right living among the believers on this Island. This Pastoral Epistle, although written primarily to a young pastor in his role of shepherding, speaks to the urgent need of churches to live out the Gospel truth they know, love and believe. These Elders are set in place to accommodate the encouragement of believers in right beliefs and behaviors, while diligently correcting and combating false teaching and rebellious behaviors of believers within the body of Christ. In this teaching series, Pastor Wesley Livingston presents an expository, verse-by-verse teaching, explaining the history and circumstances of the first century in Crete as Titus is charged by Paul to "set in order" what remains within the Christian network of home churches. The Titus Group Study features 7 lessons and 7 videos designed to prepare both individual students and small groups for a deeper understanding of Paul's letter to Titus. Each lesson includes a topical overview, learning goals, core questions, discussion questions, and digging deeper sections.  The VBVMI Titus Group Study is designed to suit the needs of students new to a study of end times while still offering a challenge to experienced Bible students. Each video lesson is available to stream for free. The videos feature the teaching of Wesley Livingston.  A FREE PDF of the Titus Group Study is also available.  PRINTED WORKBOOKS Interested in purchasing printed workbooks for yourself or a class? Full-color printed workbooks will be available for just $20 per book from Amazon. Large orders may be purchased at a volume discount by contacting the ministry directly.

Parables Series - Part 1 Free Webinar

Part 1 of a two-part webinar series on the parables described in Matthew 13.

The Gospel of Mark

Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. CST Thousand Oaks Bible Church 15801 Jones Maltsberger Rd., San Antonio TX Online followers will see the lessons posted the following week of each lesson. Arguably noted as the first Gospel to be recorded, the Gospel of Mark is a rapid fire, action-packed account addressed to Roman believers, more specifically, Gentiles. In writing to Roman Gentiles, Mark omits Jewish elements and makes fewer references to Old Testament text. Mark's Gospel is filled with action from the start of the first chapter as John the Baptist is introduced on the scene to make way for the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. After 400 years of silence after the book of Malachi, the Jewish people were long awaiting their Messianic King. What was thought to be a triumphal entry to usher in the Messianic Kingdom was the triumphal entry of Christ ushering in a new humanity by way of suffering and dying on a cross. Along with VBVMI's previous studies in Matthew, Luke, and John, we will see a full picture of Jesus' life, personhood, work, and ministry on earth. Mark presents Jesus as a suffering king and in turn encourages believers of Christ to obey both in word and in deed. Join us as we walk through the Gospel of Mark, verse by verse.

Are there new prophesies today?

While many may not fully understand the difference in Apostolic power and Prophetic power, one must look to the scriptures to understand the difference between the gifts given to the Apostles and that of the spiritual gifts given to the church:

Does God allow polygamy today?

The original design given by God for a marriage, predates any man in the Bible that had multiple wives (Jacob, David, Solomon, etc.). Just because God allowed these men to have multiple wives, does not mean that He approved it. One could assume that God allowed these men to have multiple wives in order to show grace upon the women of this time.

Why will the New Jerusalem have walls?

The complete fulfillment of all God has promised to us since the beginning, comes in the place of the New Heaven and New Earth. Revelation Chapter 21 begins with John, atop a mountain, seeing the city from a distance describing measurements and d…

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