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Are Mormons truly Christians?

Is the Mormon faith another form of Christianity? They teach they are the only truth, but how is that different from what you claim? 

Though Mormons are often very upright, conscientious and decent people (and though they portray themselves as Christians), nevertheless they are not Christian according to the word of God. The Mormon faith is a false religion preaching a false gospel that cannot save men. 

Mormons claim they are the only true Christian faith, having rediscovered the true Gospel previously lost. Groups that lay claim to "rediscovered" truth to the exclusion of all else are displaying cult-like tendencies (i.e., a desire to control the message for the faithful while limiting access to outside information to the contrary).

Mormons follow this cult pattern in the way they teach their followers a false and distorted view of Christ and Christianity, which they maintain was rediscovered millennia after being "lost. Meanwhile, the Bible says the true gospel was delivered "once for all" to the saints (Jude 3), and no new revelation will be given (Heb 1:1-3). 

Nevertheless, the Mormons claim they obtained a new and better view of the Gospel through Joseph Smith, and in the tradition of cult thinking, they instill an "us against the world" mentality in their followers, which achieves its effect by innoculating their members to the real Gospel.

In contrast to the Mormon cult, the true Christian faith never claims to have exclusive ownership of the Gospel. True Christians certainly profess belief in an exclusive truth, that is the truth of the Gospel found in the Bible, but Christians do not claim an exclusive ownership of this truth. Rather, we acknowledge God's truth is controlled by the Spirit and will never be lost according by the power of Christ to preserve His Church. No one group "owns" – much less restores – that truth.

Genuine Christianity acknowledges that anyone who professes faith in Christ will be saved. The true believer need not belong to a particular group or denomination, for these earthly associations do not define truth nor salvation. Truth is a Person. and the message and power of Jesus is available to anyone through the word of God and always has been since Jesus delivered it (see Rom 10:16)

Mormons, on the other hand, have created their own "gospel" (which is no gospel at all), and claim that all others are apostate. The Mormon gospel grossly distorts the truth., claiming that Jesus was merely a man who became a god through good works. They also maintain that all good Mormons can become gods (as Jesus did) through righteous works. Obviously, this is utterly false.

If this story sounds familiar, it should, because this is a repetition of the same lie Satan told Eve in the garden (see Genesis 3:5). No wonder Mormons teach that salvation is only found through the Mormon church, because this lie is a scheme of the enemy to entrap humanity in a false gospel that cannot save.

By contrast, the Bible says that salvation comes by faith alone in Christ alone (see Eph 2:8-9), and therefore a true Christian is defined by scripture as one who trusts in Christ alone (see Romans 10:16). This definition was given long before Jospeh Smith and the Mormons came along, therefore we must reject any attempt on their part to redefine salvation in another way.

In the end, the Mormon religion is no different than any other man-made, false religion: it seeks to diminish the diety of Christ while elevating man to equality with God.

In this teaching, we can clearly see Satan's fingerprints. Tthe Mormon church orginated from the visions of a convicted conman, Joseph Smith. In the early 1800s Smith claimed to have received the "restored faith" from an angel of light. This testimony reminds us of 2Cor 11:14, where Paul warns believers that Satan often comes disguised as an angel of light to deceive the unbeliever. This is Smith's own testimony.

Simply put, Mormonism was delivered to an unbeliever by Satan, appearing as an angel of light, with the purpose to corrupt the minds of unbelievers. His fraud has succeeeded spectacularly, resulting in millions being deceived as a result.

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