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How does Evolution contradict Scripture?

I have heard your "Evolution vs. Creation" presentation, but I can't remember the reasons you said Evolution contradicted Scripture. Can you summarise the points again?

Our Evolution vs. Creation seminar, Evolution Exposed, is a 3-part presentation on the flaws in the science of Evolution and the ways in which it opposes and contradicts the Bible. The course offers many proofs and includes many details we can't provide here in this short answer. Simply put, Evolution theory conflicts with Scripture in many fundamental ways. Meanwhile, here are some key points from the presentation:

- The entire account of Creation in Genesis 1-2 stands opposed to Evolution. God created everything as it is, out of nothing, and did so in six literal days.

- Death was not a part of God's creation. Death is the result of God's curse on the Earth as a result of man's sin. God's future plan for the Earth removes this curse and eliminates death altogether. Evolution declares the opposite, that death is normal, natural and essential to advancing species. According to Evolution theory, death will always exist.

- God's word declares that the world is withering away, decaying and groaning under the weight of sin. Lives are growing shorter, disease will increase, resources will diminish. Therefore, Creation longs for a day when it will be replaced. Evolution declares the opposite, that the normal course of life and death results in an improvement of each new generation over the previous generation. Evolution states that lives are lengthening, health is improving through survival of the fittest.

- Paul declares in Romans that because through one man (Adam) sin entered the world, and by that sin death spread to all men, therefore through one man (Christ) eternal life is made available. This New Testament theology declares that Jesus came the New Adam and lived a sinless life so that His death on the cross could pay the penalty for our sin and put an end to death. His sacrifice, therefore, was necessary to reverse the course of death for those who trust in Him. Our salvation rests on this cornerstone theology, and it depends on a literal Adam because it attributes all death to his act of sin.

Evolution completely reverses this thinking and completely negates the need for Christ. If death is natural and came before men and their sin, then the theology of the New Testament is bankrupt. There would be no need for a "new Adam" if there was no original Adam, and if death came before sin, then there is no value found in Christ's death for our sin. How does God dying in our place put an end to death if death is natural and not the result of disobedience?

Our Evolution vs. Creation class explains and more in greater detail, but these points are the main highlights.