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How should we prepare our families for the Rapture?

How should we prepare our families while we wait for the coming of the Lord at the Rapture? 

The answer depends on the state of the heart of those in your family.

If your family are also believers, then we should be encouraging them to live with eyes for eternity. Encouraging them to study what the Bible says, appreciating the focus is on the eternal realm, not on this earth. We will have a far longer period spent serving Jesus in the next life (Heaven), than in this one. Therefore we ought to use this life, to our greatest extent possible, to prepare for the next.

We can encourage them to consider that every decision they make has an impact on their eternal rewards. To not be distracted by the cares and pleasures, riches and worries of this life. Not to think this world is heaven, or make it into heaven, but to use this place to prepare for what is coming next.

If we have unbelievers in our family, there is only one option left to us – we preach the Gospel! In our words and in our actions. We explain patiently, taking them to the word and showing them what it says about Jesus.

Until they believe, nothing else matters. They won’t be part of that resurrection moment, they won’t have that future in Heaven.

Let's adopt a mindset to living with eyes for eternity.