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Why will Israel be judged during the Tribulation?

In the time of Tribulation, do you think Israel receives God's wrath partly because they're responsible for this mess (by rejecting Jesus to his face)?

During Tribulation, Israel will receive just penalty for the nation’s disobedience to the Old Covenant. Yet because this was a national covenant, it does not depend on the actions of any one person or generation. In His covenant, the Lord decreed that the terms of the covenant applied to all Jews equally, for all generations (see Deuteronomy 29:14-15). Therefore, the judgments of Tribulation are the result of the nation of Israel disobeying the covenant. 

Though some generations of Israel may have been more or less sinful (in some sense) and some generations received greater or fewer consequences than others, these differences are not significant. The word of God declares that Israel will suffer greatly for their disobedience, and it falls to the final generation of Israel to bear that burden. 

While the final generation of Israel will see the greatest calamities, they will also have the opportunity to know the greatest blessing; scripture also teaches that at the end of Tribulation, all Israel still alive will be saved. This is a guarantee no other generation of Israel receives. Therefore, they are not receiving worse because they are necessarily more culpable than prior generations of Israel. All Israel is guilty and all Israel receives a penalty, the worst being eternal judgment. Nevertheless, the final generation is also blessed to see the Messiah’s personal return for them. 

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