Completely Victorious

Steve recently wrote about the Four Blood Moons and how they mean the Tribulation is approaching but not necessarily imminent. Several friends have expressed concern about the Tribulation, the spread of Islam, the state of the economy, and how these things may potentially impact them and their families. Steve covers the Tribulation in great detail as part of his Revelation study so I won't revisit the subject but I did want to share some words of encouragement to any who might be worried about these things or any other circumstance in their lives.

I can’t claim credit for this. It was written by a brilliant Jewish scholar in the first century:

If G-d is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare even His own son, but gave even him up on behalf of us all. Is it possible that, having given us His son, that He would not give us everything else, too?

So who will bring a charge against G-d’s chosen people?
Certainly not G-d! He is the one who causes them to be considered righteous!

Who will punish them?
Certainly not the Messiah Yeshua [Jesus], who died and — more than that — has been raised, is at the right hand of G-d and is actually pleading on our behalf!

Who will separate them from the love of the Messiah? Will Tribulation? Hardship? Persecution? Hunger? Poverty? Danger? War?
As the Tanakh [the Hebrew name of the Old Testament] puts it: For your sake we are being put to death all day long, we are considered sheep to be slaughtered. [Psalm 44:22]

No, in all of these things we are [present tense] completely victorious through the One who has loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers, neither what exists nor what is coming, neither powers above nor powers below, nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love of G-d which comes to us through the Messiah Yeshua, our Master.


That brilliant Jewish scholar was the man we know as Paul and the words above are from Romans chapter 8:31-39. In any and every circumstance where we find ourselves we should know that we are victorious in Messiah! Although we might not see the evidence of that victory at this exact moment, G-d sees all things and has declared it to be true and I take Him at His Word.

Every Sabbath day, the people of Israel recite certain passages of Scripture to remind themselves of G-d's promises towards them:

Do not fear sudden terror, or the holocaust of the wicked when it comes. [Proverbs 3:25] Plan a conspiracy and it will be annulled; speak your piece and it shall not stand, for G-d is with us. [Isaiah 8:10] Even till your seniority, I remain unchanged; and even till your ripe old age, I shall endure.  I created you and I shall bear you; I shall endure and rescue.  [Isaiah 46:4]


I’ll finish with the words of another great Jew, Joshua, after the LORD enabled Israel to defeat her enemies:

Do not fear or be dismayed! Be strong and courageous, for thus the LORD will do to all your enemies with whom you fight! (Joshua 10:25)


Shabbat shalom!



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