Bible Answer

Is Armageddon here?

I was reading the following Bible verse: "And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem?" (Zechariah 12:9). Looking at the politics in the Middle East today, I wonder is this a promise that Israel will also be protected by United States or other allies? And is Armageddon almost here? 

The verse you quote from Zechariah refers specifically to the battle of Armageddon during the last days of Tribulation, when the Antichrist's forces surround Jerusalem and God defends Israel. It is not intended as a general promise to protect Israel through the United States or anyone else. You can learn more about this time in our Revelation study.

We know these words are not a general promise to protect Israel from all attaacks, because in the time since Zechariah wrote these words, God has allowed Jerusalem to be overrun and destroyed by many Gentile nations, including the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Mongolians, Arabs, Turks, etc. Presently, God is preserving a believing remnant of Israel, while placing Israel into exile and under punishment until a time of repentance at the return of Christ (a period defined in Daniel 9 as the Age of the Gentiles).

The words of Zechariah reflect a coming change in the “last days,” a period of time defined by Jesus in Matthew 24, Paul in Second Thessolonians and elsewhere. During this time, the nation is re-gathered in preparation for the Lord’s return. As the antichrist fights against the nation, God will not allow demise of Israel, though they may see much hardship and persecution. In the end, the nation will be saved, as Paul says in Romans 11.

Nevertheless, there is no scriptural basis to believe that God will preserve Israel’s current political boundaries prior to Christ’s return – only that God will protect the city of Jerusalem against the forces of the Antichrist.