The List

Have you ever gotten one of those medical bills in the mail? You know the ones I mean, the long ones with every item listed line-by-glorious-line in graphic detail:

- Tylenol - $25
- Slippers - (worn once, as required by hospital policy, to get from the bed to the bathroom) $75
- Bedpan (to keep from having to wear the priceless slippers again) $30
- Consult Dr. X - $150
- Consult Dr. Y - $180
- Consult Radiologist - $youwouldntbelievemeifItoldyou!

When you see the return address on the envelope you think for a moment that if you had died on the way to the hospital it would have been cheaper.

Did you ever wonder what our invoice from God would look like? Let’s see, the itemized charges would include the following:

- Breathed all night long
- Sun came up
- Food was in the fridge
- clothes were in the closet
- Job was waiting
- Car took me there and brought me home
- Still breathing
- No bombs fell

You could also include today’s prayer consults at a very reasonable fee. At the end of the list you would have to add the priceless treatment of your actual disease. It would be a very long list. It would be a very expensive bill.

A friend of mine recently got a bill like this after an extended illness. She is the one who brought up The List, and in conclusion she said, “I owe God for everything – for the good I have and the bad I’ve done.” And then she said, “Jesus paid for it all”.

Stamp that invoice with a big red PAID IN FULL!

“Jesus paid it all. All to Him I owe.” Elvina M. Hall

(With permission from my dear friend and soul-teacher, Linda Burnett.)