The Apostle Paul's letter to Titus is grounded in right living produced by a right message - the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul commissions Titus to establish faithful elders in Crete to oversee doctrinal purity and right living among the believers on this Island. This Pastoral Epistle, although written primarily to a young pastor in his role of shepherding, speaks to the urgent need of churches to live out the Gospel truth they know, love and believe. These Elders are set in place to accommodate the encouragement of believers in right beliefs and behaviors, while diligently correcting and combating false teaching and rebellious behaviors of believers within the body of Christ.

In this teaching series, Pastor Wesley Livingston presents an expository, verse-by-verse teaching, touching on the history and circumstances of the first century in Crete as Titus is charged by Paul to "set in order" what remains within the Christian network of home churches.


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