Bible Answer

Where to start with VBVMI?

Where should someone start their studies on the VBVMI website? 

Truly any book of scripture is suitable for any Christian, nevertheless depending on your spiritual needs, we recommend the following paths if you are:

A brand new Christian with no biblical knowledge should listen to John’s Gospel followed by 1 Corinthians, Romans and Revelation.

A Christian with limited interest in Bible study might start with smaller books like Colossians, Ruth, or 2 John & 3 John.

A Christian seeking a better understanding of the roots of the faith should start in Genesis and move to Judges or 1 Samuel followed by Romans and Revelation.

A mature Christian looking to go deep in the word might start with Revelation or Isaiah and move to Hebrews or Ephesians.

Having doubts about your faith in Christ, we suggest the single lesson God and Man.